About Brad Reifler

With years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor, Brad Reifler has experienced success with numerous companies based in the United States. After spending his early days working his way to the top, he has now successfully founded Forefront Capital, LLC.

The professional independent career of Reifler’s started in the early 1980s when he founded Reifler Trading Company. The firm managed hundreds of millions of dollars in discretionary accounts and then evolved to institutional research, information dissemination, global derivative advisory and execution services. RTC became one of the largest independent futures operations and in 2000 Reifler sold the business to Refco Inc., the world’s largest futures company.

Before selling the trading company named after him, Reifler was expanding himself as a professional in financial services who could be trusted globally. He was able to found Pali Capital in 1995, a sell side broker dealer focusing strictly in the equity markets. Reifler captured the expansion in hedge funds by creating a very differentiated strategy. He did not advise the funds on what to buy or sell but took their idea and combined top research with credit analysis and derivative structures then taught the sales traders how to articulate the “packaged” strategy and execute it as well. During the 13 years as CEO of Pali the growth was staggering. The company did well in excess of $1 billion in commission income; employed over 300 people; and had offices in four continents.

Currently, Forefront Capital, LLC is the focus for Reifler. With several subsidiaries including Forefront Advisory, LLC and Forefront Partners, Reifler has his hands full as the founder and CEO. Since starting the group in 2009, he has again worked to create a highly differentiated product offering.

Thanks to all the subsidiaries under the Forefront umbrella, Reifler is able to attract registered investment advisers, top investment bankers, and business leaders to the firm. The Forefront Community is an important aspect to success of the firm. Forefront’s principals, through their 30+ years of being on Wall Street, have attracted several of the most highly respected and influential business leaders to its platform. The unique opportunities that are introduced to the firm are primarily from the web of relationships that emanate from the Community.

Examples of the members include board members of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Additionally, one member was the recipient of the equivalent of Nobel Prize of Economics in China, and another, currently holds three presidential appointments.

The collaborative and collegial environment at Forefront encourages everyone to share the most important asset; their relationships.